The Social VIP Swarme S

- Unleash Your Small Business’ Social Media Wings!

The $9 Social Media Membership Group Where Small Business Owners Learn How to FLY on Social!

Are you a busy small business owner that feels like your social media is stuck in the ‘Social Media Swamp’?..

Are you..

  • Too busy to post?

  • Constantly wondering what to post?

  • Overwhelmed by the constant and FAST changes happening on social media platforms? 

  • Sick and tired of hearing about the algorithms and how they are shifting on a dime

  • Needing support with your social media marketing strategies?

  • Facing budget cuts and can’t afford to hire a social media manager?

You are not alone, most small business owners are feeling the same..

Things have changed so much on social media (and in the world!) over the last few years, and you have been super focused on keeping your dream, your baby, your small business alive.

I want you to know that I am here to help!

Hey there, I'm Daniela, and I've spent the last 20 years supporting small business owners in creating an awesome online presence. 

I have worked one-on-one with brick and mortar businesses as well as solo-preneurs ranging from work-at-home moms doing direct sales to side-hustle extra ordinaries! 

And you know what? I have loved every minute of it! 

Unfortunately in the last few years, small business owners have taken a huge financial hit. As a result I have noticed that there are three major challenges they have when it comes to their social media presence:

1.They don’t have the time to create a content strategy that will maximize their reach on social media.

2.They don’t have the extra cash to pay a professional to effectively manage their business’ social media.

3.They don’t know how to strategically use the many and ever changing features and tools on social media platforms.

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That's why I created The Social VIP Swarm - a place where small business owners can get weekly up-to-date social media content strategies, content calendars, training and the support they need to FLY on social media. 

Whether you're looking for creative content ideas, a ‘flight-plan’ to assist you with your social media strategy, or just a community of like-minded business owners to bounce ideas off of, the Social VIP Swarm has got you covered.

What sets Social VIP Swarm apart from the other membership groups? 

Well, for starters, I've been coaching small business owners like you for quite some time on how to use simple, quick strategies that are effective for marketing their products and services. Plus, I'm all about empowering small business owners to take control of their online presence and brand - no more feeling overwhelmed or unsure, of what, when, or how to post your content.

So, if you're ready to take-off and fly with your social media, come join  The Social VIP Swarm!

Let’s FLY together on Social Media!

Here's what some more of my clients have said about my coaching programs:

Here's What's Included with your $9 Membership:

Access To The Private Facebook Group - The Social VIP Swarm

A community group where you and other small business owners will have support Monday through Friday if you have questions.

Monthly Content Calendar

Every month you will receive a content calendar with simple to use prompts and ideas that you can use for your social media posts.

Live Bi-weekly Social Media Training.

 You will receive live training twice a month. These trainings will cover the current tools, changes, tutorials and effective social sales strategies tailored for small businesses. And you will have access to ALL the replays as long as your membership is current!

Monthly Content Creation Call

Every month you will have the opportunity to participate in a live 2-hour call on Zoom with other business owners, and together we will plan, create and schedule content for the following month.

Opportunities to Network and Sell Your Offers

Members  will have the opportunity to network with other members during events and in the community during virtual networking events. Also, there will be designated days in the group when you can post your sales and offers!

You get ALL this every month - for less than the price of two fancy coffees!

The Social VIP Swarm is for you if…

  • You've been spinning your wheels for too long and just want to know what to do on social media when it comes to your small business.

  • You want to have a simple and sustainable system to use for your social media posts.

  • You'd like a supportive community of other small business owners and would like too work with people who care about your success.

  • You want to know what steps you need to take on social media in order to achieve your goals.

  • You want to feel empowered knowing you can create, schedule and post social media content on your own for your small business.

If you don’t get value from The Social VIP Swarm, just drop me an email and cancel your membership at any time!